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Infection Control Solution for St. Michaels University School


As the world continues adjusting to a changing reality in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a heightened focus on daily cleaning for infection control. Parents, students and faculty are anxious about returning to school and seek assurance that the learning environment is safe.

Clean4 Infection Control is a comprehensive, proactive approach to pathogen reduction that achieves a new level of cleanliness and safety for students, faculty and staff. Every day, the program ensures that surfaces not only look clean—they are clean. This careful, effective, scientific cleaning process reduces the pathogen load by up to 99% on high-traffic areas, such as restrooms, locker rooms, water fountains and athletic equipment. Through a specially selected array of cleaning tools, supplies and proprietary training tools, as well as a heightened focus on effective processes and high-risk surfaces, Clean4 elevates schools’ cleanliness and safety. Thorough training ensures that expert custodial teams understand the importance of proper cleaning techniques and instills a sense of pride in staff members, who recognize that their job is about much more than simply cleaning surfaces—it’s about protecting students’ health and safety.

Clean4 creates safe, optimal learning environments that foster resiliency and encourage students to excel.

For more information, feel free to reach out to our Custodial Manager, Neil Patterson by
Email or Phone (250) 519-7290.

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  • Enhanced Cleaning
  • Infection Control
  • Air/Surface Sanitization
  • Initiatives supporting
  • Signs – Queuing / Traffic management

Clean4 is a proactive, evidence-based daily cleaning process that significantly reduces pathogens on surfaces through a specially selected array of cleaning tools and supplies, as well as a heightened focus on training and effective processes.

Clean4 includes all aspects of a conventional daily cleaning program, with additional enhancements that include:

  • Disinfectant Cleaning
  • Proprietary Cleaning Process
  • Proven Training & Supplies
  • Consistent Auditing and Monitoring
  • Clinical- grade Chemicals
  • Social Distancing Signage
  • Increased Frequencies
  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Disposable Wipes
  • Quarantine room (If required)
  • Disinfecting School Buses